The Miskatonic Inquisitor Loves Undersea Kingdom

Special thanks to The Miskatonic Inquisitor for their glowing review of Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom!

You will find it HERE.



Cuddly Cthulhu: The Guardian UK Reviews Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom

Great news in our inbox this morning! David Barnett of the Guardian UK gives Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom a glowing review! And we’ve been alerted that there may be a Howard Lovecraft sighting in The Independent this weekend, so we’ll certainly keep our eyes peeled.

In the meantime, please be sure to pre-order your copies and thanks again for your support!


Blog Exclusive: Another Awesome Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom Teaser

Happy Friday, my dear friends! I hope you have a productive, safe, and sane work day.

This concludes one of the most insane writing weeks I’ve had in quite some time, so this will be a short note. The good news: the week flew by.

Totally unrelated, but has ANYONE actually been able to complete the e-mail submission process on J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore site?! My… uh… my sons were wondering.

Moving right along, I wanted to share another fabulous Howard Lovecraft teaser with you, so here goes…

Art by Thomas Boatwright

TOMORROW: Rebecca will post a short entry that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS, so please be sure to check back after 9AM EST. And, as always, thank you for reading, and feel free to comment and share this exciting teaser!


H.P. Lovecraft, a Revolutionary Hero… and My Darkest Secret

Hello again, my friends. Sorry for the lapse in blog posting, but I’ve been extremely busy. I will have some exciting news to share in the near future, but, for now, a blog exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom and a couple other things I believe merit a mention on my blog will have to suffice.

Let’s Get it Started

Here. Here is a sneak peek at Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom…

Illustrated by Thomas Boatwright


PISTOLFIST: Revolutionary Hero

My good friend J.S. Earls approached me a couple years ago with several story ideas. One of the pitches which captured my imagination and showed the most promise–in my opinion–was the idea of a superhero story in the Revolutionary War-era United States starring a runaway slave and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.

Yes, seriously!

Over the course of the next few months, J and I tossed around ideas until Salem Attucks emerged as a character with a rich background, explained the origin of his powers, plotted and fleshed out a coherent story, and scripted and edited a three issue mini-series.

Now, I am happy to announce that this groundbreaking alternate-history superhero story is being collected in trade paperback format by Arcana Studio! Check out this amazing trailer JS put together…

It is now available from your friendly neighborhood comic shops and traditional/online bookstores, so please support indie comics and order your copy TODAY!

The Truth is Out There

Talented artist, musician and friend Mark Bell–better known as Tribal Gothic–has learned my deepest, darkest secret.

It happened one dark and stormy night…

Click here to read the rest. WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

Adieu For Now

Thank you for reading, dear friend. Please feel free to share a link to the blog, and do stand by for a couple of exciting announcements!

Blog Exclusive: Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom Sneak Peek #2

As many of you know, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, written by yours truly and fellow scribe and best friend Bruce Brown, is well into production.

Well, I’m delighted to say that the rendering stage is nearing completion. Only one chapter of sequentials remains to be illustrated, and then the book will be lettered. After that, it’s off to the publisher for solicitation and printing.

In short, we anticipate wrapping up production on Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom by the middle of June!

After the completed files are sent to the publisher, I will ask a large favor of YOU.

But I mustn’t get ahead of myself.

Show Me The Art

As you may have guessed, this book reunites the creative team behind the Harvey and Eagle Award nominated The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo Book 1. Yes, indeed. Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom is illustrated by none other than the sensational Thomas Boatwright!

Back to Work

I apologize for the short blog update, but I have a looming deadline. Words must be transformed, and snipped, and replaced. And still others must be completely obliterated.

But fear not, I have my wand at the ready and I am more than prepared for the challenge.

So thank you for reading, and please feel free to share!

Blog Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Howard Lovecraft and The Undersea Kingdom

It’s Coming…

I am proud to announce the sequel to the criticallyacclaimed Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom is well into production! And, whereas I served as the copy editor on the first book, I have co-written this installment with Bruce Brown.

Cover art by Thomas Boatwright

Have You Read the First Book?

While it is not imperative that you read Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom before diving into the sequel, I strongly recommend doing so. Our publisher has notified us that the initial print run is almost sold-out, but you may yet purchase a copy at an online retailer. Your local bookshops (Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.) can also order copies–but make haste, as they are very nearly gone!

Sneak Peek

Without further adieu…

Sneak Peek from Howard Lovecraft & the Undersea Kingdom


We do not have a release date as of yet, but I will let you know as soon as we are notified by our publisher.

Work, Work, Work

Please feel free to share the sneak peek and spread the word about the sequel. In fact, I’d greatly appreciate it if you did. We have a small publisher, so we will not get the PR love the “Big Boys” offer their clientele.

Well… I am up to my tentacles in writing, research, worldbuilding and editing work, so I’ll get back to it. Thank you for reading!

Vote For Lovecraft or a Shoggoth Will Die!

I would like to take a few moments out of a busy writing day to ask you–yes, YOU— for a very special favor.

Last year, my good friend and co-writer Bruce Brown and I teamed with artist Renzo Podesta to create a very special graphic novel titled Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom.

Cover Art by Thomas Boatwright

I say this is a “very special graphic novel” because it was my sons’ first venture into the weird world of Lovecraft. And, over the course of the year, I have learned that it was also the first taste of Lovecraft for many, many little Shoggoths and Deep Ones around the world.

When Bruce and I set out to create a book that would introduce young readers to Lovecraft’s work, I must admit that I was a bit intimidated. As a lifelong (almost) fan, I felt that we were treading on (un)holy ground. What resulted, however, was a true effort of love that Bruce and I can say that we are extremely proud of.

(And wait till you read the sequel!)

The graphic novel has received quite a bit of critical praise, but the feedback we’ve received from readers and educators has been the most rewarding.

Yes, unlike some of those other guys, we CARE VERY MUCH about hearing from our wonderful readers and will always take the time to respond to YOU because, unlike the other guys (you know who I’m talking about), we made this graphic novel out of our love for the medium and for Lovecraft and his work. This isn’t “just another paying gig” for us. Our only reward is a few kind words–and perhaps a recommendation–from our readership.

So… to cut to the chase, I am asking you to NOMINATE Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom for an Eagle Award, and consider voting for Bruce in the best writer category, Renzo for best artist, and yours truly as best editor. Bruce and I would truly appreciate your votes, and you could proudly proclaim “I SUPPORT INDIE COMICS!” and “I LOVE HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND DON’T WANT A SHOGGOTH TO DIE!”