In Case You Missed It…


Our first Kickstarter live chat happened last night and it was wonderful! We had a lot of fun connecting with our readers and sharing more insight into the history of The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe.

You can catch the replay HERE

Dwight and Rebecca


Free Comic Book Day 2017


Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful opportunity to not only get some awesome free comics, but also to show your support for your local comic shop. I like to pick up some free comics, but I also make a point of buying a few because no one has been hit harder by the “comic book recession” than our beloved brick and mortar stores.

Today I had the pleasure of  meeting Coliseum of Comics owner, Edward Uvanni, a great guy who was very complimentary and eager to meet up later. He was excited to learn that Hocus Pocus Comics is a local business, and we look forward to plotting world domination together in the near future.



Gordon & Tricia Martin of Lucid Frame Joins Hocus Pocus Comics!


The Hocus Pocus Family is growing! We are pleased to announce that Gordon and Tricia Martin have joined the team as our Media Relations Managers. The Martins are the owners of Lucid Frame Productions, a multimedia company which specializes in marketing videos, animation, professional photography, editing, graphic design, illustration, and VO recording.
Gor and Tricia have been friends and supporters for several years! We first met them on the Steve Niles forum (best forum ever!), and we are so thrilled to welcome them onboard as fellow creatives within our collaborative community known as HPC. Tricia illustrated and recently printed the delightful Midnight, Me & Bob Macabre, and Tricia and Gor are extremely talented in all areas of media and promotion, so they will be valuable assets for our team. We’re excited to share that we already have them quite busy creating PR videos (wait till you see the ELEVATOR trailer!) and upgrading our YouTube channel, so stay tuned for some incredible updates in the very near future!

-Dwight and Rebecca

3 Days Until Terra Somnium Launches!

happy Poe_animated.gif

THREE DAYS until the launch of Terra Somnium, the thrilling prequel to The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe, on Line Webtoon! Who’s excited? THIS guy! You are going to love this companion story which further explores the dream world of Edgar Allan Poe!


Hocus Pocus Comics is Having a Contest!


ARTISTS, now is your time to shine! We are looking for several pin-ups to be published in our upcoming graphic novel. Houdini’s Silver Dollar Misfits. The prizes are having your art published in the graphic novel along with your name and a link to your site. We’ll ALSO send you a signed copy of the finished book hot off the press!



LIKE our Facebook page , draw and color an illustration, and then send the high resolution TIFF image to We will then pick the top twelve images submitted and post them on this page with our judges (THAT IS ALL OF YOU!) deciding who the winners are! This is a brilliant opportunity for you to have your art published and seen by a large audience. Talk about a win-win! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

-The Hocus Pocus Team

For The Haters: The Weekly Business

Because I Didn’t Have Enough To Do Already…

I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to post a weekly column on my blog called The Weekly Business. These columns will address myths, falsehoods, half-truths and boldfaced lies surrounding the wacky world of freelance writing. Each week I’ll present a brass tacks, take no prisoners look into the hard realities of being a freelance writer.

Then again, I may just address something in the biz that’s irked me recently.

Like this week.

I decided to address this topic after reading many “outraged” comments about this particular writer’s workshop.

Comic Book Sell-Outs

I’m sure you’ve heard or read where certain creators (and aspiring creators) have disingenuously chastised other creators who make graphic novels for the purpose of using them as “sell sheets” to be shopped around Hollywood. These cartoon crusaders pound their chests, rent their clothing and unleash venomous attacks on creators who would dare besmirch their Holy Medium!

Yeah, you’ve seen ’em.

I say disingenuous because more than one of these creators have optioned a property–or several properties–for film or television adaptation after condemning other creators as “comic book sell-outs.” Did you ever hear them retract their statements?

No, of course not.

Listen, outraged creator, if you truly are a comic book purist and make comics for the sole reason that you love the medium, I applaud you. But don’t you dare accept a lucrative Hollywood deal if it comes. That would make you a “comic book sell-out” and a total hypocrite.

See how bloody ridiculous this argument is?

No? Then how about a reality check?

Freelance comic creators see little–if any–income from their published work. It’s a fact. Not many creators have the guts to admit it, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Sure, there are some “big-name” freelancers who see a considerable amount of income from comic sales, but the majority of us haven’t seen one thin dime from the books we create after the exorbitant printing fees, “use of publisher’s logo fees,” office fees, and yada yada fees. It is truly an effort of love for the medium that drives us to tell our stories in a comic book format.

Having said that, I will not turn down a film option that puts food on my table and improves the quality of life for my family. I will not turn down a wonderful opportunity to bring my stories to a much broader audience. I love the comic book medium, but I’d have to be a fool to turn down that offer!

And so would you.

So whether you’re making comic books because you love the medium, or because you intend to use it to shop to Hollywood, what does it really matter? Graphic novels are an excellent medium to shop to Hollywood–regardless of your motivations for making ’em. And making comics is never a bad thing.

Wrapping It Up

You know… this looks like a fantastic lecture. Perhaps, if you are in the area, you could attend and learn something. Something that would allow you to use a medium you love to create something much, much bigger. Something that puts food in your bellies and hot coals in your furnace.

Something that isn’t hate.