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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Lords and Ladies, I am proud to announce that my webcomic (along with artist Igor Noronha) SIDEWISE is in first place in’s monthly competition! If you haven’t already read our entry, you can do so HERE.

I’m billing SIDEWISE as “Sublime Steampunk for the 22nd Century.”

SIDEWISE promo image by Igor Noronha
SIDEWISE promo image by Igor Noronha

Whot’s This?!

Special thanks to my mates Steve Ekstrom for the wonderful interview on NEWSARAMA and Gus Higuera for his masterful interview for ComicNews.Info. I have a couple more interviews I’m completing, so I will make links available as they are posted.

I Need Your Help

I’ve had several friends and fans say that they have not voted because they believe we will most assuredly win. My response has been “Ah, don’t underestimate the power of the internet.” This competition is as much (if not more so) about generating votes as it is about creating a winning entry. So please, if you have not yet voted, please head over to, read SIDEWISE, vote for us, add it to your favorites and rate it. And–if you’re so inclined–please send me an e-mail at dwightmacpherson at if you would be so kind to post a SIDEWISE banner to your site. Trust me: It all helps.

Happy Grimm Day!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of IDW’s American McGee’s Grimm #2 at your local comic shop today. It’s Grimm vs. romance comics in this newest installment and you do not want to miss it!

American McGee's Grimm #2 Cover by Grant Bond
American McGee's Grimm #2 Cover by Grant Bond

I’m History

Thank you for reading my newest blog entry. I know I haven’t updated as often as I’d have liked to, but please be patient with me. I intend to talk more about SIDEWISE in the coming days. That alone should be worth the wait.


The Machine is Sound

I’m happy to report that I have just about beat this murderous bug. The past few days have been brutal, so I’m happy to be on the mend. Special thanks for the positive thoughts and warm wishes. I really enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments and messages when I checked in sporadically.

The Wheels are Turning

The machine’s been a bit gunked up the last few days,  but the wheels have been turning just the same. In fact, an idea for a short story came to me this morning as I was reading a random story about a Russian scholar predicting the decline of the United States. Though I could have easily dismissed Professor Panarin’s forecast as asenine or petty propaganda, it set the wheels of the machine in motion. As a result, it proved to be the inspiration for a new short story. Maybe I’ll send the nutty professor a copy when I complete it.

Or not.

The New Crib

Special thanks to my good friend Lord Shaper for helping to get this new WordPress blog in order. I must admit that I was apprehensive about moving to WordPress, but “the Lord” was quick to intercede and verily he led me out of the valley of the shadow of Blogger and guided me to the green pastures of WordPress. Can I get a witness?!

A Grimm Update

I’m currently writing Grimm issue 4. Though I intended to complete all 5 issues before the holidays, having my sons home from school and an  illness really hindered my progress. Not that I begrudge my sons being home. On the contrary, I’ve enjoyed our extra time together.

Especially when they’re sleeping.

Exit Stage Left

And there you have it. I’m still recovering, but I’ll be back in the thick of things very soon. The machine takes a licking but keeps on ticking!