An Edgar Allan Poe Double Shot

As the title of this entry states, we have TWO Poe-related updates for you today!



First, you can check out brand new Terra Somnium by artist, Louise Fitzpatrick, and yours truly, RIGHT HERE! We are now 16 pages into the first chapter of the prequel to The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe, and things are getting weirder by the second!

And please, when you check it out, like it, subscribe, and share it with your friends. I can’t tell you how invaluable this is to the folks who lovingly produce webcomics.


Cover by Mark Harmon


Second, The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #2 is now available for purchase HERE ON COMIXOLOGY and HERE ON AMAZON KINDLE!

If you’ve read issue 1, you can see just how different it is from the graphic novel that was published by Image Comics. The reviews we’ve received confirm my long-held opinion that it needed to be revised both script-wise and artistically. The addition of artists, Luis Czerniawski and Andrea Messi, bring so much life and energy to these characters and environs–wouldn’t you agree?


In other news, we are wrapping up production on ELEVATOR #3 and we will soon send it to ComiXology and Amazon Kindle. Elevator artist, Randy Valiente, has really knocked this series out of the ballpark. Issue 3 is a real gut punch, so you’ve been warned!





Not Just Another Poe Wednesday!

Happy Poe Wednesday, my friends! Two bits of Poe related news for you today:


1. There is a new page of Terra Somnium that has been posted for your reading pleasure. You can view it RIGHT HERE!

Cover by Mark Harmon

2. The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #2 has been approved by ComiXology and will be available for purchase soonish (if you’ve dealt with them, you know what I mean)!

So there you have it. Hope your Poe Wednesday is magical!



For Your Halloween Season Viewing Pleasure, Part I

‘Tis the season for all things spooky!

So… I was going through my art files and I came across this comic short that I wrote for IDW Publishing’s Gene Simmons’ House of Horrors. The story features art and colors by German Torres and letters by Robbie Robbins. I think it’s pretty good, and I hope you will, too.

By the way, these pages belong to IDW Publishing. You do not have permission to steal–er–use them for your own wicked purposes.







Inktober… Day 7


Today’s horrible Inktober sketch is a ghost in a raincoat, inspired by Hurricane Matthew.

I’ve got to admit, I’m having fun with this. So glad I decided to participate. And speaking of participating, make sure you check out #inktober on Twitter and Instagram to see some amazing art!

See you tomorrow!


Inktober…Sketch Two




Here is my horrible sketch for Inktober day 2. I would have colored it, but I’ve eaten all my crayons.

In other news, just 29 days remaining for the launch of HELLEVATOR #1. I cannot wait to share this story with YOU!

Okay, 29 days of bad drawings to go.


Take Me To Haunted Rhode Island!

I have the biggest smile on my face because I just learned that Dwight’s friend, Brian Harnois, has a new show! The teaser image looks fabulous, and for those who miss watching Brian on television, I for one can’t wait to see him doing what he does best!

The new “docuseries” is slated to premiere Thursday, September 8th, on Rhode Island PBS. PBS?! Of course! What better network to showcase all of Rhode Island’s historic haunts?

Dwight has always had wonderful things to say about Brian, and even though I have not met him personally, I feel I know him through the many stories I’ve heard. He really made an impression on our eldest son, too! Almost three years later, Clayton still talks about hanging out with his dad and Brian at Adventure Con.

Brian and Clayton

So congratulations, Brian, and we hope Haunted RI is a ridiculously successful show! Go get ’em!


Me and Brian Harnois

I first contacted Brian through Myspace–yes, seriously–back in 2007 when he appeared on GH, and, surprisingly, my simple note resulted in a torrent of correspondence and countless hours of conversation on the telephone (many times during shooting breaks) over the last 4 years. Yes, Brian and I hit it off from the jump, and we quickly became close friends and confidantes.

The thing I liked most about Brian was that he was real. And he still is. The same passionate, caring Brian you see on television is the same “dude” you would meet at the local supermarket, street crossing, movie theater, convention–wherever. Brian is a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy… like me.

Me and Brian at Adventure Con

I could go on and on about my “brother,” filling this blog post with humorous anecdotes or “dishing the dirt”… but I won’t. What has been spoken in confidence will always remain between us.

No, the purpose of this note is to wish my good friend Brian “Wheezy” Harnois the best of luck in his newest endeavor: Haunted RI.

Brian: You are a good man and friend, and I wish you much success in everything you do. I love ya, brother. -D