American McGee’s Grimm


Coming This April From IDW Publishing!

“American McGee’s Grimm is a five-issue miniseries that takes the games’ high concept and tweaks it a bit, allowing Grimm to unleash his dark magic across five familiar comic-book universes. In issue one, Grimm exits the latest fairy tale he darkened only to discover bright and sunny superhero comics. He enters the world, kick-starting a “Crisis on Earth 57,” where he launches a secret invasion crisis into a domain where villains are doomed to fail… until he gets involved!

Subsequent issues of the series, written by Dwight MacPherson and illustrated by Grant Bond, will find Grimm invading — and forever changing — the worlds of romance comics, westerns, teenage high-school comics, and anthropomorphic comics. In each issue, Bond’s art style will reflect the archetypal art form of these traditional universes before Grimm’s dark influence fully takes over the comic.”

Read the Entire Press Release Here!

Check out American McGee’s Personal Blog Here!

Play the Game!

Buy the book here! 

Grimm #1 Cover

*I have a few copies left! If you would like to purchase a signed copy, please send a Paypal payment of $22 to upperswandamlane(at) Please include your name and address in the note!

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