Inktober… Day 6


Once you have seen Mr. Nibbles, you can never unsee him.

As a consolation, here’s a (less) horrible poem for National Poetry Day:

Samonios’ Kiss

©2016 Dwight L. MacPherson

Bloody leaves on haggard trees,

Dancing, cackling in the breeze;

Bristling black cats hawk and hiss,

This is known as Samonios’ kiss.


A Murder gathers for the feast,

Cawing, clawing presage beast;

Pumpkins peek with grinning glow,

Wordless wards of Samhain’s show.


Witches’ caldrons boil and bubble,

Voiceless vexes, toil and trouble;

Cadavers crawl from gaping graves,

These are known as Púca’s slaves.


Alas! I mourn the rising sun,

When nature’s hex and I undone;

Spiraling entwined to the Abyss,

Samonios bestows a final kiss…

Good night.


See you tomorrow with another horrible sketch, and thanks for visiting the blog!



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