Adapting Sweet Lovecraft Horror

In a blog post yesterday, SelfMadeHero’s Dan Lockwood announced the names of the creators contributing to The Lovecraft Anthology Volume II.

Yes, you will find me on that talented roster.

Believe it or not, I was asked to adapt one of my favorite Lovecraft short stories, an ofttimes overlooked gem titled “HE.” I was also thrilled to learn that the story will be illustrated by the super-talented Paul Peart-Smith.

The first volume is available at book retailers, comic shops, and online stores worldwide and it is fabulous! So please be sure to pick up the first trade and pre-order the second volume when it is available. You will not regret it.

More exciting news very, very soon.



2 thoughts on “Adapting Sweet Lovecraft Horror

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  2. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. I am currently reading the first volume which I bought today. I am currently writing a part of Lovecraftian ‘Mythos’ myself. You can find it on wordpress under greensteel; it is called The Lighthouse Portrait.

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