And The Winner Is…

It was a tough decision. We liked every suggested name. Seriously! BUT, after consulting with my new grotesque master friend (yes, I know the difference, but “Name My Grotesque” just doesn’t sound right), we have chosen a name…

Say hello to Rozzmawzzer!

Congratulations to Jennifer Schmidt! You have named my grotesque, and by doing so, ensured that the world will not end on December 12th of 2012 (yes, I finally deciphered the cuneiform warning on Rozz’s backside)!

Jennifer’s a talented writer and artist–and she’s also been extremely supportive of my work and comic folk in general, so please stop by her Etsy shop and buy something, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, too!

Jennifer: Please DM your address through Twitter and we’ll get the book in the mail ASAP.

BACK To Writing

Pun intended. I pulled a back muscle last Thursday, so I’ve been in an incredible amount of pain (thank God for pain medication). Having suffered permanent spinal damage while on Active Duty–Army!–I am more prone to back injuries.


The back injury has really slowed me down, but I have been faithful to write something every day. And Rebecca and I have stayed quite busy. We are currently preparing a packet for a literary agent, and I’m completing another book proposal and writing a YA horror novel.

At the same time.


Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend. We’ll see you Monday, and, as always, thank you for reading! I appreciate you.


2 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. W0000T, thanks so much! You both rock and I’m so glad that you liked the name! …quite exciting! Get to feeling better soon, ok?

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