The Kids Are All Right

Got your attention, didn’t I? I just love the comment approval setting on WordPress. Keeps the riff-raff off your blog.

Zing! – Dwight

It has been a while since Dwight and I have been on here, but it is not for lack of wanting to keep it up. We are big readers and Dwight believes that as writers, we need to feed our souls from other tomes. He has recently gorged on the long-awaited sequel of The Name of The Wind and I have been plowing through The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. Something Tolkien mentioned is ringing very true to us with this new project: we must have a map before we begin our story. So we are going about building the map (with much help from our very talented son Clay who can draw a map like no one’s business).

Before I forget, we discovered another amazing artist, Jess Bradley. I have just sent one of her cute baby Cthulhu magnets to our friend Amy Sturgis, and we plan to purchase more of her stuff in the near future. She is quite the gifted artist, so please check out her website.

Check this out:

Print by Jess Bradley

Lots of activity going on here, so I am keeping this short and sweet.



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