A Madness Break

Taking a short break from writing to share a cool link.

Fantasy Flight Games has created a board game titled Mansions of Madness. As a huge H.P. Lovecraft and Dungeons & Dragons nerd, this looks to be right up my dark, twisted alley.

Check out this wonderful game play video…

Incredible, right?

All right, I’m getting back to work. I do not wish to anger my Elder Boss (Mr. C’s a bit cranky when he wakes up).


2 thoughts on “A Madness Break

  1. So it’s like Call of Cthulhu in a board game? That’s what I’m getting from that…interesting concept. I’ve played through a few scenarios in Mansions of Madness in the tabletop RPG, wonder if that would affect my knowledge of the scenarios in the game.

  2. Apparently so. Definitely worth checking out, methinks. 🙂

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