Dwight Speaks to Teen Advisory Group

Back in August, Dwight was invited by the Washington County Library’s Adult and Teen Programming Department to speak to young adults about the process of writing and his body of work. I finally got some of the photos back from the event, so I wanted to share a few with you. [The pictures that don’t make me look like I weight 600 lbs. -D]

Of course, one of the students had to ask who would win in a fight: Wolverine or Hulk. Dwight responded without hesitating that Hulk would beat Wolverine’s butt. [Aw, yeah. No contest. -D]

Dwight showing off his graphic novel Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Dwight and Poe before the onslaught of questions began!
Someone just had to take our picture. Not sure what the heck I was laughing about.

It was a wonderful evening with students asking Dwight some pretty amazing questions and offering sterling advice and encouragement to the young adult audience.

Many thanks to Dorothy Linton, Branch Librarian, for organizing the event. Hey, she even bought one of our books for the library, so I say it was a successful night! [Indeed. Fun was had by all. -D]



3 thoughts on “Dwight Speaks to Teen Advisory Group

  1. Nice!! But there was no details on the “sterrling advice”. Does this mean you can’t print “Simon Cowell” type remarks?

  2. I can’t give away all my secrets! Some of them would make your eyes bleed. And no, I didn’t make the kids’ eyes bleed. That would just be mean. 😉

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