NOT The Good Book

Taking a break from work on the follow-up to last year’s Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom to share a couple links that I found… interesting.

The first is a video of amazing Lovecraft-inspired artwork by Michael Bubisch:

The second is a parody of a commercial produced by the Mormon Church:

I am working on several scripts, manuscripts, proposals, sell sheets and synopses simultaneously, but I’m unable to talk about them at the moment, sadly. I certainly wouldn’t want to jinx anything. But please… stand by. I will have exciting news to share in the very near future.

Unless Cthulhu awakens. If that should happen, we’re all screwed.



2 thoughts on “NOT The Good Book

  1. I loved the the Mormon commercial parody, very amusing twist of the arcane. Haha
    I’d have enjoyed a bit more in-depth into the book itself, but a very enjoyable skit.

    Love your work here, my friend, may the Old Ones grant you wisdom beyond measure in the end times!

  2. Thank you, kind sir!

    As you can see, I’m a bit behind. Between family, writing and tweeting, I’m afraid I simply haven’t had the time. I aim to remedy that, though. Stay tuned.

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