Pickman’s Muse and Coyote Run

You never know where your inspiration for writing will come from, and while taking a break from the writing treadmill, we decided to take the boys to the Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival. Much hilarity and fun ensued over the course of the day–most notably from the time we spent listening to the extremely talented Coyote Run. These guys (and gal) know how to get a crowd going and they made the Scotland-like monsoon weather fade away with their uplifting ballads. My favorite song was their version of Queen of Argyll. I wish we had the time to join them on their tour of Scotland!

They not only inspired our writing, but they further fueled our desire to live in the Highlands of Scotland. Then again, Tennessee is about as close as you can get to the real thing. I can see why so many Irish and Scottish immigrants settled in this part of the country. There are countless scenic sites that take your breath away. Every day I wake up here, I am reminded how truly blessed and extremely lucky I am to live in this beautiful state.

I’ll leave you with Coyote Run’s video for the wildly original Whalesong:



Taking a quick break from writing to share a link to the indie film Pickman’s Muse. I think it’s definitely worth checking out.

Also, we’ll post some photos from my speaking engagement at the Washington County Library very soon. I apologize for the delay, but that’s what happens when your digital camera decides to die at the very threshold of Notre Dame. *grumble grumble*

Back to it.



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