And The Writing Continues…

What you see before you is an image of Dwight’s working conditions: Okay, it is not really that bad, but it seems so at times. He is furiously writing up synopsis after synopsis for various book projects. Trying to  convey what your novel will tell in 4-6 pages can be daunting to say the least. But I think by the end of this week, he will an expert at it. Somewhat. 😉

I have been busy printing out sales sheets to present to producers and production companies. Another ongoing project for me has been compiling all of the various book signings, conventions, and press clippings into a central archive for our company. This Fall is going to be very busy with a lot of catch up on several fronts. A bunch of projects that have been on the back burner will now be put to boil.

Igor has completed a spectacular new video for SIDEWISE which we hope to launch very soon. Keep an eye out for it on Twitter and Facebook.

Back to archiving and making sure that Dwight gets his bathroom breaks…


“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” E.L. Doctorow


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