6 comments on “Writing Comedy is no Laughing Matter… or Is It? Part 2

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  2. For anyone who wishes to write comedy, I strongly suggest that you study (read) stand-up comedy. There is a lot you can learn about delivering jokes, creating “funny” and timing. And if you have stand-up classes near you then you should take advantage of that resource. You might not want to do stand-up but you’ll find that you learn more than you could ever imagine. And like my good friend Baba Ali, you may wind up being very popular and flown around the world to entertain kings.

    Some may laugh with you, some may laugh at you, but who cares? The point is that they’re laughing.

  3. Excellent advice. I know I learned a lot from my few attempts at stand-up, and watching other comedians.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend!

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