Sidewise Commentary Wrap-Up or Better Late Than Never

Yes, I fell behind, but I intend to get caught up and post a new SIDEWISE commentary page Thursday (TOMORROW!) when Page 23 goes live on Zuda’s site.

Thank you for bearing with me.


Major Wilson is a fun character to write. Tempestuous, volitile and forthright, he always lets others know exactly what he thinks. Whether they want to hear it or not.

As we learn on this page, the Queen reluctantly decides that Tesla should be questioned because of the Tesla building’s close proximity to the incident. Why is she reluctant? Well, Panel 4 is a whopping hint.


Minister Moriarty’s castle. This is a particularly important set-up, but I won’t say why. You’ll just have to keep reading.

Aw, come on. You’ll thank me later.


Igor really nailed this page. As you can see, Minister Moriarty is involved in the occult. Given the fact that he has the ability to teleport, this calls his very being into question from the onset.

Oh, and the “DOOM!” sound-effect was artist Igor Noronha‘s idea. Brilliant, isn’t it?


Adam’s quite bright–don’t you think? Of course, this exchange was essential to establish Adam as an intellectual. After all, he did help his parents create a time device.

Tesla’s not going to be able to pull a fast one on Adam Graham.

Or is he?


“Intellectual pugilism.” What other webcomic uses such witty metaphors? Okay, you can probably name a few. Still, a wonderful exchange between Lord Tesla and Adam.


Oh, my! This can’t be good!

Or can it?

(Yes, I’m full of rhetorical questions today.)


This is another excellent page, and a wonderful glimpse of the other members of Tesla’s band of exo-suited soldiers: Fawkes, Raleigh and Boudica.

“For Food!” Is actually the MacPherson Clan’s war cry.

As you can see, Tesla is occupied and does not hear their transmission. This will be important later.


Ah, Scotland. Land of my ancestors.

I’m told that roast boar doesn’t actually fall from the sky in Scotland, but wouldn’t that work miracles for tourism? “Come to Scotland, where roast boar falls from the sky!” I can picture a burly man with mutton chops, kilt and… okay, I’ll stop.


Yes, these men are exiles from England. The reason for their expatriation will be explained as the story progresses. We know who deported the men, but we don’t know why.

And who is this mysterious “Mr. Conrad?” Hmm.


“Shoot their weapons?! Why in the world…”

You’ll find out shortly.


I love the reaction of the Knight of Hanover. Of course, our mate Major Wilson is the only one insulted by the Minister’s sleight. The others want to stay as far away from him as possible. And for good reason!


Was that fire…?!

Again, questioning the being of Minister Moriarty. Is he human–or something else?

Read on, my friends. Read on.

You Make the Steampunk World Go ‘Round

Thank you for reading and supporting SIDEWISE. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to read, comment, or pass along a link to the webcomic. If we keep this up, we will definitely see a Season 2. The power’s in your hands.

See you tomorrow with another update!


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