Sidewise, Interagents and More

Sidewise Update

The script for SIDEWISE Season 1 is complete and has been turned in to my editor at Zuda Comics. Artist Igor Noronha has completed the art for the next ten pages and we’re moving on. Our hope is to launch Season 1 in the next couple months, but that decision lies with our wonderful editor and the Zuda staff (feel free to beg them for SIDEWISE!), but I wouldn’t encourage you to badger them for a quick launch.


Right, then. How about a few teaser panels?

Sidewise Teaser Image 1
Sidewise Teaser Image 2
Sidewise Teaser Image 4
Sidewise Teaser Image 3

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with this story! I’m dying to share the new pages with you, and I’ll be sure to announce the launch date as soon as I have it.

Remember The Interagents

We are currently putting together the material for an Interagents trade paperback. This trade collects the first story arc (issues 1-3) and will feature a foreword by a New York Times Bestselling Author and a back-up story by 2000AD artist P.J. Holden.

Interagents Teaser by P.J. Holden

Trust me: You do not want to miss the trade collection! The back-up story is a must-read for all Interagents fans!

What’s Coming Up

Sadly, I cannot discuss other projects I am currently working on. You can rest assured, dear reader, that you will be the first to know as soon as I’m allowed to spill the beans.


3 thoughts on “Sidewise, Interagents and More

  1. Great news indeed my friend. I will most certaining be getting that trade! And can’t wait for more Sidewise!

  2. Hey, Iain! We are putting together the TPB right now. It features a foreword from a New York Times Bestselling author and contains a back-up that will illuminate a certain part of the storyline. Sorry we pulled it from Th3rdworld, but it was a decision I made with the publisher that I thought was in our best interest. Sorry to leave you hanging. 😦

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