American McGee’s Grimm #1 PREVIEW PAGES

It’s Time to Get Grimm

Rejoice, children! American McGee’s Grimm #1 is now available for pre-order!

American McGee’s Grimm #1
Written by Dwight L. MacPherson
Illustrated by Grant Bond
Covers by Ben Templesmith and Grant Bond

After transforming the fairy tale realm into a hellish nightmare, Grimm launches a secret invasion into the world of comic books! As he enters a domain where villains are doomed to fail, will this be Grimm’s final crisis? Join us for the ultimate American McGee’s Grimm adventure and find out!

You will find this solicit on Page 275 of the new (February’s) Previews with a Diamond Order Code: FEB09 4315. Grimm #1 is one of Diamond’s Featured Items and has a full-page devoted to it. How cool is that?!

Where Can I Get My Grimm?

If you’re not sure where your local shop is located, you can find out by using this Comic Shop Locator. If you know where your shop is, simply take the Diamond Order Code to your friendly neighborhood comic shop worker and he or she will do the rest.

It’s that easy.

Let’s See a Grimm Preview!

I’ve already shown the first issue covers by Ben Templesmith and Grant Bond, so how about some interior pages?

The Grimm End

When it rains, it pours. My 13-year-old (well, he turns 13 tomorrow) is home with a sore throat, so I’ll be taking him for a doctor’s appointment in a couple hours. In addition to a sick kid, I have a paper I’m working on and I’m memorizing a sonnet for another class.

And then there are my writing projects. *sigh*

I ask for your patience as I get through these busy next few weeks. Then–if I’m still alive–I’ll continue the series on alternate distribution options. Promise.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll pre-order Grimm #1. It’s a fun, wonderfully-twisted madhouse of a book and I think you’re really going to love it.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “American McGee’s Grimm #1 PREVIEW PAGES

  1. He closes the book of fairy tales and picks up a comic book… clever! Even w/o knowing the game, I’d pick this up to see comic book conventions turned on their arses!

  2. You’re gonna love it, my friend. Grant’s art is brilliant and you’ll love the juxtaposition of the videogame and old school comic art. The story? Well, I hope you’ll love that, too. 🙂


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