Alternate Distribution Options: Myebook Rebuttal

Myebook Responds

Within an hour of posting yesterday’s article, I was contacted by a gentleman named Sy Whitehall, Head of Communications from I would like to post Mr. Whitehall’s rebuttal here with my replies to each point. I am not attempting to discredit Mr. Whitehall or What I am attempting to do is present you with factual information. And the best way to get to the truth is to examine all information before making a reasoned decision.

So here we go.

I read your piece on myebook with interest, but I am quite sure you are speaking of a different company.

I checked the url again and yep, it’s the same site. Though it does look much different since my first visit.

Could I please point out some important inaccuracies in your article?

Absolutely! The purpose of posting this series of articles is to get to the truth and help creators explore new distribution options. If my information is incorrect, I welcome your–or anyone else’s–correction and assistance in providing the facts.

Firstly we are not modeled on any other platform, system or site.

Having read Wowio’s and Myebook’s contracts, I beg to differ. Comparatively, the contracts were quite similar. I apologize for my poor wording when expressing how I found the two companies’ business models similar. “Modeled on” would be more accurately expressed as “similar to.” And you are correct in saying that the two platforms, systems and sites are quite different from one another.

Secondly we do not have sponsors of myebook, therefore how do we pay a modest sum via these sponsors?

I contacted Mr. Whitehall about this statement and what compensation–if any–is made to creators and have not received a response. After revisiting the site, however, I was unable to find any advertising information or banners–except for their own site. This leads me to believe that Myebook changed their policies sometime between the creation of the site and now. And that’s fine. It’s better than fine.

Thirdly we do not have contracts. The system is completely free.

Fantastic! This is another wonderful change. But… are creators compensated for posting their work on your site? After all, their content is what draws traffic to your site to begin with. Again, I’m not being disrespectful or demeaning. I would simply like to know the answer to this important question. We are all looking for options, so Myebooks may be just what we’re looking for. Or not.

Finally, as detailed in the terms and conditions, each individual author retains all copyright on their work created/published/hosted on We have never stated otherwise and will never republish anybodyโ€™s work in any other format.

So the contract has become “terms and conditions.” I will definitely have to read them. The matter of compensation still sticks in my craw, though.

You clearly have been misinformed which is of great concern to me, as your readers are also being misinformed by your article.

Once again, sir, if things have changed at Myebook then you have my sincere apology. I went on the information I gained when considering hosting my books on your site. I like this more transparent model and I think it will serve you well… if creators are compensated for their work.

I would be delighted to discuss this further with you and have the opportunity to address your concerns.

I sent an e-mail to you to discuss some of my concerns. I realize, however, that you may have been out of the office or away from the computer when I sent it. Please feel free to respond at your leisure and I will continue our conversation here so everyone receives factual information. I am not attempting to discredit you nor I am only after the truth.

Thing to Do, Places to Go

I’m taking the boys out to burn off some energy, so I’ll close here. Please join us Monday as we continue the alternate distribution options series. Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Alternate Distribution Options: Myebook Rebuttal

  1. I’m enjoying the delving in to the options out there. I find it interesting and informative. Thanks for going through the trouble Dwight.

  2. Thank you for reading, my friend! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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