6 comments on “Alternate Distribution Options Part 3: UPDATED

  1. I should note that Keenspot is a by-invitation-only group, and we don’t charge anything to host the sites of our members.

    We also have a free open-to-everyone hosting service at comicgenesis.com.

  2. Hey man, just thought I would say that this has been a very illuminating series of articles so far! I’m lovin’ it. I’ve already chimed in to you directly, but I just thought I’d post my kudos.

    The distro end of comics is certainly starting to change. For the better? The worse? I guess we’ll see. The plus side is it’s a lot easier these days for creators to get their work out there (hello, internets), but in turn it becomes more difficult to secure a living wage from it due to all the competition (thanks, internets!). I saw someone mention in some comments somewhere (‘Rama? I think…) that the mp3 of comics is right around the corner. I can see this happening/ The “Digital Revolution” is certainly at hand (just look at all the pubs setting up online comics, probably so they can get some ad revenue). Anyhow, I think I may be too sick today to add anything new and useful… I should probably try to do my job anyway. Heh…

    Keep up the good work, my man!

    P.S. Great to see Th3rdworld get some props. When they first launched, I was skeptical (as I am about anyone/thing) and I have to say DeVito has proven to be one impressive dude.

    Alright, back to the work and coughing for me.

  3. can you tell me exactly how to take a file off of my computer (like an ebook) and put it on a website and make it available as a clickable link for other’s to buy and then download directly to their own computer?

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  5. Jewelsgold: The best way to make a readable file out of you comic is to use Adobe Acrobat to make a PDF file. As far as placing it on your site, I’m certain your webmaster can figure out a way to do that. I know SLG is now offering digital downloads from their site.

    Hope that helps!


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