Alternate Distribution Options Part 2

Mic Check… Is This Thing On?

It would appear that my exchange with a certain online persona is gaining more attention than what I’m actually saying. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t care. If all that’s required to raise creator awareness is that I “stick it to” or “tweak” someone for their shortsightedness, so be it. It’s obviously gaining the attention of creators and small press publishers, so I’m glad it happened.

Alternate Distribution Options by the Numbers, Continued

3. Webcomics – As you may or may not know, my webcomic The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo was nominated for a Harvey Award last year. I was not aware of the advertising broker Project Wonderful when I fist posted my webcomic. Now… I will freely admit that I do not have firsthand information about Project Wonderful yet, but I have signed up for the service and will be using it from this point forward. Friend and Th3rdworld Studios’ Publisher Michael DeVito subscribes to the service and has told me that he is seeing a steady stream of income from Project Wonderful, so I decided to give it a shot. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

According to Keenspot and ComicGenesis co-CEO Chris Crosby, the best approach is to “Put your comic on an attractive, easy-to-navigate website (use popular webcomics as an example) and then advertise it on popular webcomics using Project Wonderful. That will get you way more readers than WOWIO can right now, guaranteed, and you won’t have to sign a contract with Platinum Studios.”

Bottom line: You can generate a moderate to substantial income from webcomics. No doubt about it. If you don’t believe me, do a bit of research on Perry Bible Fellowship, PvP and Penny Arcade, to name a few. Combine a webcomic format with a POD publisher and you may have a recipe for big time success.


Chris Crosby informed me that “WOWIO has dropped in traffic by about 54% over the past three months according to It currently ranks as #144,150 in web traffic. If was an individual webcomic with that traffic rank, it would not be considered popular. The fact that is home to HUNDREDS of individual comics makes that rank even more sad.”

Yikes! I stand corrected. Thank you, Chris, for chiming in!

Addendum 2:

Look for Ka-Blam to make a major announcement in the next few days in light of Diamond’s new threshold change. Write this down, Rich! *poke poke*

Audi 5000

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have time today. My children are (more) rambunctious (than usual), so I’m going to take them over to my folks’ to burn off some energy. After an hour or two of snow ball fights and snow angels, I may have some time to write. Or not.


6 thoughts on “Alternate Distribution Options Part 2

  1. This is interesting, thanks. As a fellow creator, I want to investigate ways that eliminate or reduce gatekeepers and put more money in the hands of the makers instead of the handlers (though of course we should support our local comic stores wherever we can). Obviously there will be quite a few opportunities in the future as technology changes and I want to be ridingt he wave.


  2. You’re turning into quite the clearing house for info! I’m cheering you on guy!
    Keep it coming!

  3. Thank you for reading, Scott and Harold!

    I read a story over at Newsarama today where Matt Brady was basically telling readers that everything will blow over and there’s no need for alarm. I don’t get it. What’s got to happen to get people’s attention? How bad does it have to get?


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