Grimm and Templesmith Sitting in a Tree…

The script for American McGee’s Grimm #4 is in the bag. I sent the script–along with the solicit–to my editor last night. It took a bit longer than expected due to my kids being home for their winter break and a cold from Hell, but it is complete and I’m currently conducting research for issue 5.


I don’t mind saying that this was the most difficult comic I’ve ever written. Why? Well, I had never read an Archie comic until I began conducting research for the fourth issue. Now that I have read a few random issues, I know I was wise to avoid them. No offense to the diehard Archie fans, but I found the stories to be some of the most tawdry and unimaginative that I’ve ever read. I can’t even say I would have enjoyed them as a kid because I was reading Creepy and Eerie when I was a little cephalopod. Perhaps I never read Archie and cannot enjoy it because I’m not your average comic reader, but I couldn’t see myself ever reading Archie for personal enjoyment. Sorry.

Crème de la Crème

Ranting aside, I honestly think the four Grimm scripts are some of the best stories I’ve written thus far.  Each issue is funny, irreverent, engaging and fresh.  Whether you’re a fan of the videogame or not, this is just too much fun to miss. It’s been a long time since I looked forward to purchasing a copy of my book from the local comic shop, but I can’t wait for April!

Ben Templesmith

I’m certain you’re familiar with the work of superstar artist Ben Templesmith–right? Ben is best known for his work on the brilliant Warren Ellis-penned “Fell” and “30 Days of Night,” written by Steve Niles. Ben’s also had major success with his creator-owned book “Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse.”

If you purchased a copy of my very first creator-owned series ( Dead Men Tell No Tales ) or the trade paperback collection, you are also aware that Ben was gracious enough to illustrate the cover.

That’s why I’m so excited!

My editor at IDW, good friend and talented writer Tom Waltz, just shared the variant cover to Grimm #1 that was masterfully rendered by… you guessed it… Ben Templesmith! All five issues of American McGee’s Grimm will feature a variant cover by the sensational–though somewhat mad–Ben Templesmith! Having seen Ben’s first cover, I can’t wait to see what his fevered brain cooks up for the other four!

The question is: will our universe implode from the awesomeness?

Roll Out

That’s all I have time to post right now. I need to do some research, type my answers to three interviews and drink at least three pots of coffee. It must be done.

Until next time…


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