Short and Sweet

Well, bummer. Yesterday was extremely busy, so I apologize for not posting. I honestly do intend to post something every day.

Sadly, I cannot speak about the secret project yet. According to the publisher, there will be a press release hitting the interverse in the next few days. Once the PR drops, I’ll be blabbing nonstop about it. So for now, please be patient with me.

I just received the 14th complete page of INTERAGENTS #3. I would really like to post a teaser here, but I’m afraid it would be spoilerrific. Everything that’s happened in the first two issues comes to a head and there are several revelations that explain much about what has happened thus far. I’m not gonna ruin that for you.

INTERAGENTS #4 is coming along nicely. I should be seeing some more art in the next few days, so I’ll post a teaser image as soon as Ric and Vale send it. Their work is amazing. I’m so happy to have them onboard!

I’m proud to announce the cover to INTERAGENTS #5 was illustrated by Eagle Award nominated Azim Akberali! Special thanks to Azim for the glorious cover. You really nailed it, my friend.

I’m sorry to say that’s all I have time for now, but I’ll really try to post more tomorrow. Until then, I’ll leave you with a small taste of Azim’s phenomenal cover art.


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