2 comments on “Standing on the Curb

  1. Okay, I’d be lying if I said this post didn’t make me laugh (in a good way!). Both in structure and tone. Bravo, sir.

    You know, I’m sure everything can be cleared up with a simple email. Rich, in my experience, is a pretty nice guy usually.

    As for your comments on the possible future of the industry, I couldn’t agree more. Digital is it. I’m sure floppies will still be around, but not nearly as much.

    Also Previews (and god love the people who put it together) isn’t read by the average comic reader, at least as far as I know, from asking around etc. Though many people do check out the online listings.

  2. Thank you for commenting, my friend! I honestly expected folks to remain silent. I think every aspiring creator walks around scared the “Excelsior hammer” will fall on them if they say anything negative about the industry.

    Yes, floppies will still be around, but they will be used primarily as adverts for graphic novels. I honestly think that’s what will end up happening.

    Yeah, Previews is a waste. My shop owner says he orders 5 copies because he has 5 people who buy it each month… OUT OF OVER 2000 CUSTOMERS. So yeah, having your book in Previews does not a sale guarantee.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting, my friend. Much appreciated.


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