11 comments on “One Book at a Time

  1. you’re absolutely right on almost all counts here. My kids read almost everyday, as do my wife and myself. They read for fun mostly, but if my son wants to know about something, he’ll find a book or whatever to figure out whatever it is he’s looking for. It’s no coincidence that both my kids are at the very top of their classes academically, and both of them have the highest reading level in their entire grade. What IS pathetic, is that my 4th grade son, has a higher reading level, and math level than 80% of my daughters 7th grade class. We were on vacation this summer with some friends camping, and there were high school girls who couldn’t carry on a conversation with my 4th grade son because they didn’t understand some of the words he was using, and instead made jokes about how they were being taught new words by a little Einstein. He’s not really that smart I don’t think, until you compare him with similar kids his age. I mean, kids nowadays can’t even multiply and divide in SEVENTH grade!! ugh, so yeah, teach your kids to read, teach your kids to think for themselves, play chess, all those OLD people type of games and hobbies. Because they WILL inherit the Earth if they have the knowledge that everyone else doesn’t.

  2. Thanks for commenting, man!

    There’s no question that reading is fundamental. I learned more simply by reading than I have in 4+ years of college. Not to demean the importance of a higher education, but I’ve had a much easier time of it due to my insatiable reading habits. I am trying desperately to pass that along to my kids. I guess we’ll see if it works. *fingers crossed*


  3. That is one of the many reasons I love you:)I honestly can’t imagine my life without books!

    Unfortunately my niece falls into the category of reading only for homework reasons. Thank goodness her parents don’t allow a computer in her room. I gave her the Twilight books which she loves, so there is hope.

    I love the pic of the boys…especially their choice of reading material 😉

    xoxo me

  4. Aw, thanks, sweetheart! And it’s another reason I love you, too! I lurves me some good books.

    It’s difficult to get kids interested and keep ’em interested. I’ve tried about everything to get them to read, but I hope these new initiatives will work. But who knows if they will?

    HA! What can I say? They have good taste. 😉

  5. Indeed, my friend! In fact, he told me this today: “Book 2 is way better than Book 1.” Seriously!


  6. Excellent post sir, and I’m of the same mind.

    My kids (4 and 2) read books every day, and though we do watch some TV, it’s all educational with no commercials (Treehouse TV here in Canada).

    My wife and I are total bibliophiles, so it’s nice to see our boys following suit. I like your ideas on reading for videogame time, and I’ve noted it to keep it in mind for when they start getting more interested in that Xbox contraption.

    Once again, thanks for the great post! 🙂

  7. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, my friend!

    Yeah… it’ll happen before you know it. Honestly, I don’t see how kids COULDN’T be hooked on videogames. I mean–if they had this stuff when I was a kid, I don’t know if I would have been such a bookworm. Lord knows I dropped enough coin into Dragon’s Lair machines to furnish a nice library. I had to talk my mom into taking me to the arcade, so I didn’t get to play it often. I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I’d had the game in my house 24-7!

    Anyway, good luck, man! I hope you can instill the love of reading in them now.


  8. Well, so far so good… Drake and Vance insist on us reading them 4 books each before bed (or one really long one) each night.

    When we were kids, text-based videogames (like Zork) were big. And most RPG videogames required a great deal of reading and thinking (like the Ultima games). Double that up with tabletop RPGs (lots and LOTS of reading… and numbers) and we as kids had a lot of literacy thrown at us in all directions.

    These days, reading is less essential to have fun– which I find incredibly sad. I'm hoping that the boys become readaholics.

    I'll be sure to help them along with some D&D, of course.

  9. This is some great stuff bro! Good for you. I will be attempting something like this myself with my girls. Also enforcing it on myself, I need to read more novels.

    My preorder for Dead Men Tell No Tales came in back in Oct. by the way, LOVE the book my friend!

  10. Steve: Good on you, man! Keep it up. All we can do is try and hope for the best. 🙂

    Guy: Hey, bro! Excellent. You can’t start ’em out too early. I read to my kids when they were little, and seeing them read–and read to each other–makes me happy. I’m sure to let them know that, too.

    Oh, cool! Glad you enjoyed Dead Men, my friend! Thanks for picking it up!


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