6 comments on “Re: Update

  1. DR. DIABOLUS looks great! I’m really stoked to read that one.

    And you already know how I feel about Interagents. 😉

  2. Anthony: Thanks, brother! I think you’ll enjoy DR. D. It’s a pretty strange and twisted story, so I know you can dig it. 😉

    Steve: Thank you, my friend! You’re gonna dig it. It’s a really fun, warped story. And yes… you have been extremely kind about Interagents. I’m really, really happy you enjoy it. ^_^


  3. Lookin’ GOOD, Dwight! I’ve been waiting for Diabolus for ages (since its MYspace page went up). Hope the new paying gig turns out well and is good news for you! –Dave B.

  4. HOLY HELL!!!! Who knew you were a famous comicist..cartoonist..writer? Whatever you call it. I heard you were doing this from Monroe and googled your name. I know the real you though 🙂 Can I get an autographed copy??? 😉 check out my blog!! -(SGT Watson) Leslie

  5. Hey, Leslie! Wow… it’s great to hear from you!

    Well, I don’t know about famous, but I’m doing all right. How are you?


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