After much thought, I have decided to make INTERAGENTS an ongoing series. What can I say? I’m just having too much fun writing it.

The first story arc will consist of the first three issues, as will each subsequent arc. All issues will then be available on Wowio and for order through IndyPlanet as singles. Shortly after the completion of each arc, the single issues will be collected in trade format and solicited through Diamond. Of course, I’ll pack each trade with a bunch of back matter and sketches to make each volume worth owning.

As you know, the first arc is illustrated by talented newcomer Valerio Giangiordano and features cover by DC superstar Justiniano and the super-talented Ben Morse. I am pleased to anounce that the second arc will feature art by the dynamic duo of Riccardo Latina and Valentina Bianconi and feature covers by mavin Jorge Lucas and Chimaera’s own George T. Singley.

The third arc… well, I’m keeping that under my hat for now.

In the meantime, however, please check out the issue 1 DIRECTOR’S CUT. Issue 2 will be available on Wowio shortly. It’s being lettered even as I write this. Thanks for your patience and for the overwhelming support you’ve shown me!



  1. Your first ongoing! Huzzah! It’s always the spandex that somehow feels right to turn epic/open-ended, isn’t it? Like the nature of the subject matter, no matter our intent going in, flat out demands it. I’m definitely getting on #1 and 2 of this soon as I FINALLY read the first and second issues of M THEORY, which I’ve nabbed but dash it all haven’t found the perfect time to consume. Oh, those bygone days of reading an Edgar Allan Poo GN the hour after you sent it to me 😉 –Dave B. (I really do miss those days. Damn work force.)

  2. Thank you, my friend! I’m really excited about expanding the Interagents universe and just having fun with it.

    Ha! I definitely understand that. I’m finding less and less time to read and simply surf the net for fun. These are crazy times!


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