M-Theory Issue 1 Cover Revealed!

Well, since Shadowline/Image has posted the cover to the first issue on Shadowline’s Myspace page, why not post it here–right?

My friends, I present the sensational cover to M-Theory issue 1, masterfully illustrated by The Eagle Award nominated Thomas Boatwright of The Eagle Award nominated Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo. Can you believe it?! Wouldn’t it be crazy if one of us actually–you know–won an Eagle Award?!

Right. Shutting it. Here’s Thomas’ cover…

I also completed my story for Accent UK’s Western Anthology. Dave West and Colin Mathieson are both fantastic creators and wonderful friends, and I thank them for the invite.

My story is titled “The 7th Will Rise Again…” and if you’re not familiar with the 7th, check this out. I was lucky enough to serve with HHT 1-7 Cavalry while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, so I was able to do extensive research on the unit. I think you’ll find one of their commanders particularly interesting. Let’s just say he was a “stand-up kind of guy.” This mystery commander is also the subject of my story.

And yes: it’s a horror story.

Okay–back to work for me. Thanks for reading, my friend(s)!


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