Lots o’ Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… I am pleased to announce that Viper Comics’ KID HOUDINI AND THE SILVER DOLLAR MISFITS graphic novel is now available for pre-order!

You will find the book on Page 354 of April’s Previews. There’s also a pretty cool ad on page 355, but I digress…


Please… if you wish to own a copy, it is IMPERATIVE that you ask your shop the pre-order the book. HOnestly, If you don’t pre-order, you won’t get a copy. Sadly, I am dead serious about that.

If you would like to read a preview before you pre-order, you can read the first 22 pages of the graphic novel ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking HERE.

More big news: my three-issue retro sci-fi pulp adventure “M-Theory” has been picked up by Shadowline/Image! Keep watching this space. You’ll be the first to see images from the upcoming mini-series. If you’d like to add M-Theory as a Myspace friend, you can do so HERE.

My retro superhero book is moving along nicely, too. We are currently readying it for submission. For you–my faithful three readers–I will reveal the title here. It’s called “The Interagents,” and I think you’re going to love this super cool take on superheroes.

Last but not least, after speaking with my buddy Lobo, I’ve decided to go forward with a Lovecraftian horror book titled “Unspeakable.” Suffice it to say that my partner in crime Bruce Brown and I are moving forward on the series breakdowns and we have a talented artist working with us to design some truly horrifying creatures. It’s going to be absolutely amazing–I promise you that! Though it just may drive you insane…

Later, hombres–I need to get back to work. The Great Old Ones are barbarous taskmasters.


3 thoughts on “Lots o’ Stuff

  1. Right on, Dwight. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new projects!

  2. Thanks, Michael and Joshua! You guys are awesome! I appreciate your support–believe it!


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