4 comments on “Gene Simmons House of Horrors Issue 3: TOMORROW!

  1. Gah!!
    Dammit, Dwight…you KNOW I’m not old enough to see scary pictures like that!!

    You are a busy man, my friend!

    (goes to look at the cover again)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You so crazy. 🙂

    Definitely, my friend. Super duper busy.

    Oh–and thanks for the marvelous, magnificent sketch card! I LOVE IT!


  3. You are certainly welcome, my friend! Anything we mortals can do to keep you dead gods from blowing up Kentucky….)


  4. HA! Rest easy, mate. I’ll not destroy Kentucky for at lease–oh, I don’t know–7 or 8 years. 😉


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