Free Comic Book Day Cover

As promised, Viper Comics sent the fully-dressed cover for their 2008 Free Comic Book Day book. And… as I promised, here it is for you–my faithful legion–to see before anyone else. And please, as I said earlier, be sure to let your local comic shop know that you would like a copy, or you just may not get one.

I have a lot going on, but I’ll be sure to tear myself away from the madness and post an update for you very, very soon. Promise.


2 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day Cover

  1. Congrats man! Thats a great cover for the free comic day book.

  2. Thanks, brother! Glad you dig the cover! I think Jack did a phenomenal job of capturing the characters’ personalities, too. You’d think he’s read the first chapter or something. Oh, wait… 😀

    Thanks for commenting, my friend!


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