Bunch o’ Stuff

Okay… so I’m researching for the secret graphic novel project. I tell you, the Lexis Nexis has been a lot of help. So many old newspaper articles stored in one place. It’s like a writer’s gold mine!

I also received this yesterday from artist Jeremy Sawatsky. This webcomic is really shaping up, but I’m still not sure where we’ll host it.

Received several character sketches for my Golden Age Superhero mini-series I’m writing with Bruce A. Brown. Seriously… it is going to be absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to talk more about it. Sketches to come very soon.

All right, back to the grind. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Bunch o’ Stuff

  1. Is “My Pal Hitler” still secret? Or can I put that banner up on my website?

  2. Feel free to do that, my friend. And a big ol’ thank you for doing it!


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