6 comments on “Poo Book 2: Wow!

  1. Hey Dwight, welcome to blogging. I started mine some time ago and it’s really cooling looking back over the year I’ve been posting my work and what I was doing at the time. Looking forward to stopping by often.

  2. Hey, Josh! Thanks, man! I’m hoping to have the time to really share the inner workings of the creative and production processes of this beast we lovingly call “the comics biz.” Will I have time to accomplish all I’d like to? We shall see.


  3. Thanks, Daniel! I really think it’ll blow you away.

    In a good way. 😉


  4. 8 to 10 hours?! try working 16-17 hours straight with nothing but oatmeal and bourbon in your belly.


  5. I’ve done that and more, brother. It’s called “the U.S. Army.” Hahahaha!

    But yeah, I guess I’m a slacker now. :-/


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