2 comments on “What Are You Working On?

  1. Awesome! So, I’m pretty new to the MacPherson experience, but I loved Archibald Saves Christmas and am really looking forward to Easter and Halloween (and any in between I’ve missed the announcement for). I also want to get the first book of Poo. If it’s available in trade format, I’m going to get my comic shop to pick it up.

  2. Welcome to the insanity, Daniel! I appreciate you picking up the Archibald book. Since this is the secret blog, I have no problem telling you that there are two strips in Archibald Saves Easter that are illustrated by Phil Hester and Chris Grine. And let me tell you: they SLAYED them!
    Poo IS available in trade format. The Diamond Order Code is JUN07 1887. If you give that to them, I’m sure they can get a copy for you.
    Thanks for reading–and check the blog in about an hour. I’m getting ready to post some top secret art!


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