6 comments on “Four Covers for Kid Houdini?!

  1. Pleased I am, Dwight, to be the first comment-leaver on your Top Secret blog!


  2. Dude, through Cemetery Blues, I have become a huge fan of Boatwright, and since he did the first book, I think it would only be fitting to use his cover for the second. Just my opinion. The other guys covers could be Variant covers (or limited editions). Just a thought.

  3. Daniel, Viper is actually going to use Thomas’ cover for the Free Comic Book Day book. How cool is that?!

    And I believe we WILL use the others as variants. I hate to do that, but I would hate more not to use them–you know?


  4. I hear ya. Variants are a pain. But, like you said, it would be a shame not to use them.

    Also, I thought Eliopoulos was a letterer? From a long time ago? I didn’t know he was an artist as well. Or is that a different Eliopoulos?

  5. Nope… same Eliopoulos. He also does the “Franklin Richards” books for Marvel. The guy’s one multi-talented bastage! His newest book is the latest issue of “Spider-Man Family” with Frog Thor. It’s hilarious–my kids loved it.


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